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Happy Housewarming

This gift is perfect for someone settling into their new home! It would also be great for someone going through a big change (divorce, job change, etc) as the included smudge stick has been used for generations to cleanse, heal, and promote a fresh start. 

Gift includes:

  • Barr Co. Room Spray - Original Scent
  • Barr Co. Bath Bomb - Original Scent 
  • Barr Co. Travel Candle - Original Scent
  • Decorative Matches
  • Smudge Stick and Abalone Shell (Instructions included!)

Barr Co. Original Scent is a light, neutral scent of oatmeal, milk, and vanilla.  

This gift is perfect for someone: moving into a new house or apartment; going through a breakup or divorce; celebrating a birthday.