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Ways to Help (While Physically Distancing with the best of 'em)

We’ve all done it.

Had the best of intentions, but ended up doing….nothing. Maybe you meant to call a friend you hadn’t talked to in awhile, or send birthday flowers, or buy a cup of coffee for a stranger. But something gets in the way.

Anxiety over reaching out to someone after losing touch (you should have called sooner, it’s been too long); their birthday slipped by (busy with work, the kids, etc); awkwardness over buying that cup (what do you say to the barista? do you wave to the recipient? speed off so you don’t have to make eye contact?) - this can all get the best of us and before we know it, the opportunity is gone - or at least it feels like it.

Well, you can change that right.....now. : ) 

With all of the uncertainty of this "new normal” and bad news everywhere we turn, there are a few companies local to my area that are providing a way to help others during all this turmoil. Wish you could do more? Here are a few opportunities in the Peoria, IL area (accessible by anyone!):

@ZionCoffee has an option to purchase a box of coffee (#zionlove) to be delivered to those serving our community; everyone from nurses in the hospital to the employees keeping the grocery stores stocked and running. $25


@lefleurfloraldesign will let you purchase a potted African violet to be delivered to a long term care resident at a nursing home or assisted living facility in Washington, IL. (Hurry on this one, they are almost out!) $15


@thesweetbeanpekin bakery is collecting money to purchase snacks, soft drinks, crossword puzzles, cards, art supplies, etc to donate to two local nursing home/assisted living facilities as well! Donate what you are willing.


Know of other opportunities to help from afar? Let me know and I will update this list!


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