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There are so many reasons to give gifts...Birthday! Valentine's Day! New job! New baby! But my absolute favorite reason to give a gift? No reason at all! 

There is just something about receiving an unexpected gift. While Amazon packages, groceries, and even meals at your doorstep are now the norm, a beautifully wrapped surprise will be a breath of fresh air and is sure to make anyone's day a little brighter! (And - being the sender of that beautifully wrapped gift will feel just as good as being on the receiving end.) 

But at Brightbox, we know that its not always easy to know what to send (in addition to getting the items, finding a box, packing the gift and getting to the post office,  but we won't mention that part). Let us help you out - we've come up with 8 gifts ideas that are perfect for that no-occasion occasion for your friend, mom, sibling, babysitter, neighbor.....you get the picture. Four for you to do on your own, and four where we can help you out!

8 Ideas for "Just Because" Gifts:

Flowers - Yes, its an obvious one (and dare I say cliche), but there is a reason that a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is so popular!

Candy / snack -  Send their favorite goodie, bonus points if it is something they can't get in their area. 

Gift certificate - Could be a small one for coffee, a massage, or even something as simple as a Target gift card (wait, I'll take one of those!).

Card - Quickest and easiest way to show someone you are thinking of them! Piece of paper + stamp = smile :) 

From Brightbox Gifts:

So-Succulent Desk Necessities - This set includes a flowered notebook, small tray, and pen set along with a 10 oz tumbler. Perfect for anyone who uses a pen and paper (I swear those people are out there still, right??). 

Ahh Clean Face - Hydrating face gel mask, makeup remover sheets, sheet face mask, and animal ear headband combine to create a great pampering gift.

Just for Fun - Wrestler bottle opener paired with sassy socks for him or her, a perfect "something small" to let them know you are thinking of them!

Lunchbox Artist - Canvas lunch bag (literally blank canvas!) with cloth markers - help your kid/grandkid/nephew/niece/etc unleash their inner artist!

Click on the product names below to see more detail and send a "just because" gift today!

So-Succulent Desk Necessities 

Ahh Clean Face

Just for Fun

Lunchbox Artist






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08 November, 2018


Love these tips!

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