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Gifting Tips for Pregnancy

Gifts for Pregnant Friend

Hooray! Your friend/family member/co-workergot knocked up was blessed with a little peanut (or more??) growing in her belly. You want to let her know you are thinking of her by getting her a little somethin-somethin to celebrate - how sweet of you! Read below for tips and tricks for buying for an expectant mother. 

Gifts by Trimester

First off: let’s talk timing. While some people are comfortable sharing the exciting news before their pregnancy test has dried, many wait to share until the first trimester - the first 12 weeks - has passed (though a miscarriage can sadly happen at any time during a pregnancy, the first trimester is when it is most likely to happen). 

Taking this into account, as well as all the different things that are happening/will happen to her body (JUST GROWING A HUMAN, NBD), thinking through your gift by trimester is a thoughtful way to let her know you are thinking of her. Check out some ideas below!

First Trimester (Weeks 1-12):

Whether they spread the news early or you are close to the couple and are “in the know” before most, you are probably eager to celebrate. Youcan send a gift - I would just err on the side of something small until those key three months have passed. I’d also send something that focuses more on the mom and dad, so if something does happen, they don’t have to deal with an item that had been meant for the baby (so depressing, right? Let’s not talk about that anymore.)

Now would be a great time to pamper mom: the first trimester is typically the hardest, with morning sickness and exhaustion showing up to welcome her on her journey to motherhood. Sending someginger or peppermint teawill help with queasiness, as willpeanut butter crackers or granola bars she can stash in her purse for when nausea strikes (it is often caused by an empty stomach). Don’t forget to put in somechocolates or herother fave sweetto make sure she treats herself. 

The first trimester is when the cliche peeing-every-two-seconds starts (cliche BECAUSE ITS TRUE). This happens because her body is producing about 25% more blood to support the lil peanut and in turn, all the extra blood flow to the kidneys produces waaaay more urine. Because of this, hydration is uber important so acute water bottleis another great gift for the first trimester mama!

Second Trimester (Weeks 13- 27):

By this point, they have probably shared the news far and wide. Her clothes are getting tight andhopefully the miserableness that comes with the first trimester has subsided. Now is the time you can really start gifting away! 

Agift cardto a maternity clothing store would be great as she becomes unable to wear her normal clothes - some people don’t bother with maternity clothes but I found that clothing that was made for a bump was not only more comfortable, but helped my confidence. None of that “is she, isn’t she” pregnancy thing! 

Something that I was gifted but never actually used, though I wish now I did (sorry Shannon!!) was apregnancy journal. These journals prompt you to write about your pregnancy experience - some are literally just blank page journals while some have prompts to fill in specific info about doctors appointments, your feelings, pockets for sonogram pictures, etc. Pregnancy is a journey (how many people am I turning off by calling it a journey??) that doesn’t happen that often, so why not help them capture what they can for posterity’s sake?

Third Trimester (Weeks 28-40):

Here we are. The final countdown. Pardon my french, but sh*ts gettin’ real now. She might be freaking out, she might be cool as a cucumber, it's more than likely both!

Though she probably isn’t as nauseous as the first trimester, she will start becoming more and more physically uncomfortable. Now would be the time to send comfort items -body scrubs, bath salts or a bath bomb, and an eye maskto help the puffy eyes she might have due to lack of sleep, and yep, more food - her fave food items - as cravings are probably off the charts by this point! 

Her shower will also likely be during this time. I recommend trying tostick to her registry for those gifts, as it is usually used to get the items the baby will need such as crib sheets, clothing, bottles, etc. 

If you want to do something a little extra, akit for the hospitalwould be good too. This could include a couplenew lip balms, face cleansing wipes, hair ties to pull back her hair - extras that she can put in her hospital go-bag so she doesn’t have to worry about those small things at the last minute. Brownie points (literally!) if you, once again, sneak in a couple of herfavorite snacks - hospital food can be, well, questionable. 

Fourth Trimester (Bringing Baby Home)

Oh, you thought this “situation” ended at the third trimester? Think again, friend! 

Bringing home a baby is exhausting, challenging, and exhilarating, all at once. I was mostly exhausted and challenged, but everyone is different. : ) 

During Covid-19 Tips:

Unfortunately, this virus has put a damper on being able to help new parents as is normally recommended, since we don’t want the baby exposed to very many people and their icky germs. So some alternatives:helping with mealsstill REALLY helps. A gift card delivered via email to Grub Hub, DoorDash, or their favorite local spot would be best. Also, show support byreaching out on a regular basis. I tend to let people know that I had a pretty hard time the first few weeks, so if they are also having a hard time, they know it's normal (social media can paint a very rosy picture that isn’t always accurate for everyone). 

If you want to send a gift, I’d stick with your favorite book from your childhood or raising your children, ordiapers(find out the brand/size they are using)and wipesas they will go through approx. ten million of each of those by the time the kid is two. And hey, don’t forget that mom hasn’t drank in nine months…..

As with all gift giving, remember - it truly is the thought that counts, and they will appreciate that you thought of them and their baby. Happy gifting!

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